Jimmy Flaherty: An Unfortunate Occasion


Over the weekend, in celebration of Friday the 13, our friends at Liberty Tattoo & Art Parlor featured 13 original drawing by local bike mechanic and artist, Jimmy Flaherty. The show's opening on Friday invited guests to come checkout the artwork, drink a couple beers and to get Jimmy's artwork tattooed on their bodies... permanently. We got a chance to talk to Jimmy at the show and wanted to share our conversation with you here.

How did this show come about and what inspired your designs?
This started out as a total joke. Suzanne said she would just use February's flash sheet from Friday the 13th because March has the same calendar as February, in term of dates, unless it's a leap year. I told her that was lame so she told me to do it... and here we are. As for inspirations, I was just thinking about things that were seemingly the antithesis of good luck.

Are you superstitious at all?
Not really. I've got a couple stupid things that freak me out, but not like black cats and walking under ladders, that shit is bonkers.

Have you designed tattoos for anybody before?
Just a couple that I recall, but then again, I don't even remember what I had for breakfast.

How many people ended up getting your tattoos?
I think 6 or 7, although we went through a lot of beer so my number is likely inaccurate.

How does it feel seeing people getting tattooed with your designs?
It's really strange at first, but the awkwardness went away fairly quickly.

Was one tattoo most popular or did everyone get different designs?
I think the umbrella was the most popular in terms of actually tattooed, but I got a lot of comments on the empty TP roll.

Did you get tattooed with one of your designs, if so, which one?
I did, I went with the blown out sock simply because it is a constant ailment I suffer from.

Do you plan on doing any more art shows?
I really enjoyed getting back into the swing of drawing again so it's pretty likely.

Any advice for picking a perfect tattoo?
Considering all the asinine shit I've got tattooed on me, I'm probably not the best candidate to answer that question. I just choose not to over think it. It's gotten to a point where it's more about the experience and story than the actual tattoo.

Jimmy is a career bicycle mechanic, currently spending half his week at Small Batch Cyclery in Simpsonville and the other half at On Your Left Cycles in Louisville, as well as taking race mechanic jobs when they come up. He is also a freelance writer and designer with an extended background in both as well as photography. Follow him on Instagram or Twitter.

The flash sheet will be on display at Liberty Tattoo & Art Parlor and available for tattoos for all this week. Additionally, all original drawings will available for purchase in the gallery during that time.