The UnFair is Online

You can now reach out and electronically fondle UnFair like never before. Welcome to the official Louisville UnFair website. Outside Facebook, the UnFair has never existed online, so this is a pretty big deal to us. We're also breaking out of our normal comfort zone and expanding our social media reach onto Twitter and Instagram. This should be fun.

You can check back here for the latest news and updates about UnFair leading up to the big weekend in October. We're also going to feature all sorts of stuff including artist interviews, sneak peeks of artist work, and musings about other local things we're into.

Right now, we are inviting all artists who are interested in becoming part of UnFair to download and submit an Artist Application. If we have open spots, we will use these applications to invite new artists to participate. If you have filled out an application in the past, please take some time to reapply using this new form. Please contact Liberty Tattoo and Art Parlor if you have any other questions about becoming an UnFair Artist.